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Goldsmiths at Edinburgh Fort

I recently conducted a retail interior shoot at the first Goldsmiths store in an out of town (OOT) shopping destination.

The store is based on the south side of Edinburgh at Fort Kinnard, the OOT shopping is vast with a really good mixture of clothing and retail brands a good range of restaurants and coffee shops. Being based near Edinburgh did present a similar issue to the shoot I did in Glasgow for Rolex Boutique in that I am based a little south of London and with the whole pandemic on-going meant another long drive, but apart from a lot of rain, it was not too bad a drive.

The interior shoot went well, with the exterior not as great due to a heavy rain forecast for the next few days and limited ability to change dates. The interior of the store is fantastic, with the OOT design of large spaces with modern building techniques means no awkward pillars right in front of doors or randomly in the middle of the store, allowing the visual merchandisers to really use the space, for it meant I could shoot with no awkward structural elements blocking the shot.

For the exterior, I had about 5-10 minutes to capture the entirety of the exterior before I was caught in another downpour, just to be clear I don't mind getting wet myself but using ultra-wide-angle lenses means there is no lens hood or way to protect the front element from water droplets which would negatively affect the image quality, which we can't be having any of.

The resulting images were great and another incredibly hard-working team at the Edinburgh Fort store made the shoot go as smoothly as possible, so a big thank you to Simon and his team.


An AOP Accredited Architectural Photographer

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