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Mappin & Webb at Gleneagles - First Shoot After Lockdown No.3

A photograph of the Mappin and Webb boutique in Gleneagles Hotel
Mappin & Webb In Gleneagles Hotel

Since the UK went into the third COVID lockdown, it has been very quiet on the shoot front with all shoots either pushed back or cancelled. So it was with great joy I could get back out again and shoot for Mappin & Webb, I'm glad to say the first shoot didn't disappoint and was nice to be on a little adventure after being in lockdown for 3/4 months.

A photograph of the exterior of the Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland
The Gleneagles Hotel - Shot on iPhone

A photograph showing the grounds at the Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland
A View Of The Grounds At Gleneagles - Shot on iPhone

The project was to shoot the refurbished Mappin & Webb boutique inside the Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland, it did require a long drive (again, seem to have a habit of visiting Scotland the past 12 months or so) but it was well worth it to get behind the camera again and shoot a commission as well as seeing the beauty of the local Gleneagles landscape, which I've included a few quick shots of the area to show how amazing it is, these are taken with my iPhone as I was walking from the car, and I know I should have used my 'real' camera but in all honestly I didn't want to spend the time and energy shooting something that was not briefed in and thus distract from the main shoot.

A View From Gleneagles - Shot on iPhone

The shoot was a challenge due in part to the lighting situation but mainly the size of the store, it is quite a small boutique and this did put some limitations on what I could and couldn't capture in terms of angles, but the store is really well put together and looks amazing and to be honest, it was enjoyable to find solutions to overcome those limitations. I really thought the store looked great and believe the photographs came out really well!

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