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Sustainability Within Business

The UK has a target to cut emissions to reach climate neutrality (net-zero) by 2050, it will require all parts of our society to reduce their energy consumption and to limit the impact on the environment, now with the tide of popular opinion firmly on the side of working towards this goal it will become ever more crucial for a business to incorporate sustainability into their commercial operations.

As an architectural photographer, I wanted to get involved and use my specialist skill set to tell the story of how businesses are stepping up and working towards reaching net-zero. This is in the form of a photo-documentary series that explores how businesses are now adapting to reach this important goal.

Forming part of this project, the Adelphi Group of Companies kindly allowed access to Olympus House to photograph the changes they have implemented on their way to achieving net-zero. Over the past 5 years, Adelphi has implemented several measures at Olympus House to reduce the consumption of energy from the grid and reduce demand for treated mains water, the series of photographs I created of Olympus House was able to show the following structural improvements made by Adelphi.

· Rainwater Harvesting

· Solar Panels

· Air source heat pump

· Evaporative cooling system

This is just the beginning, as we all work towards achieving net-zero, how we transform the spaces and buildings we use are going to be paramount to reaching this vital milestone. I believe it is vital we capture this change to let the world see the positive steps businesses are making.

If you’ve got a business that is adapting to become more sustainable to reach net-zero and want to take part in this project, please do get in touch with James at


An AOP Accredited Architectural Photographer

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