James Morris

Architectural & Interior Photographer

An experienced architectural & interior photographer with advanced technical ability to create powerful architectural imagery that can showcase the most demanding of architectural projects, creative vision that brings spaces to life with a passion for getting the job done.


"JMP has provided superb professional photography for many of our Goldsmiths, Mappin & Webb, Watches of Switzerland and brand boutiques for over 6 years.

James has been a fantastic support to the Watches of Switzerland Group and has always been flexible and reliable, delivering quality images of our completed store development projects promptly.”

The Watches of Switzerland Group, 2020

The spaces we inhabit are the foundations for our lives

I believe that architecture and the spaces that we inhabit should form the foundation to our lives, these spaces should have immensely net positive impacts on our society and give us the opportunity to live our best lives possible. 

As an architectural photographer I use my specialist skills in architectural photography to compress three dimensional spaces into two 

dimensional images that are easy to share, this helps companies, architects, interior designers to communicate their past work and designs to their own potential clients and the wider world.

A very brief history​

Photography is a very large part of my life and has been since I was 16, it all started when I went to college and chose Photography as my 'fun subject' and quickly discovered the medium as more than just a thing people did on holiday etc and I loved it.  I always enjoy seeing and being influenced by other photographers work, a couple of influential photographers that set me on this path and who I still consider great photographers are the street photographer Robert Frank and larger than life contemporary photographer Andreas Gursky. 


When it comes to my own personal photography, what I like to photograph has changed over time but a recurring theme is the notion of the city, I love the huge buildings, the sights, and all the buzz and hustle that makes a city tick. For me cities are a beacon of society and melting pot of culture and a symbol of our collective achievements and to photograph them is to tell the story of our society.

I started exploring spaces with more purpose at University but after graduating from University of Derby in 2008, at the height of the financial crisis I looked for work that would pay the bills and keep a roof over my head, whilst I preferred the idea of photographing buildings and city life the need for money to pay the rent led me to working in-house doing still life photography. 


After working in still life for 6 years both in-house and freelance I got an opportunity that would become a defining point,  a leading UK jewellery chain asked me to photograph an interior space in a retail store. This small project reignited my passion for architectural photography,  then over the next 6 years I continued to shoot still life whilst I organically started to shoot more and more architectural photography projects until 2020 when I decided to make a switch and focus solely on architectural photography.


The Alan Nuttall Partnership Ltd

CMJ Media

English Heritage

Imperial Bricks

Jestico and Whiles

PSI Group

The Watches of Switzerland Group

  • Watches of Switzerland 

  • Goldsmiths

  • Goldsmiths Boutique

  • Breitling

  • TAG Heuer

  • Rolex

  • Mappin & Webb

  • Omega


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