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Sayers House Shoot For Imperial Bricks Ltd

Not long before the lockdown in early March Imperial Bricks Ltd commissioned me to photograph a new residential development in Surrey that used their bricks for the exterior facade. The purpose of this shoot was to really highlight the overall use of the bricks and the more detailed quality of the bricks themselves with a focus on their texture and finish. At the time of the shoot, the development was only just finished, with some of the gardening work only just being laid in the last few days and a few contractors still on-site putting on the finishing touches.

The shoot being in March had the beautiful spring sun, I'd researched the sun's position and decided to shoot in the early afternoon to have a brightly lit front elevation with dramatic shadows, I did have to keep a close eye on the weather in the days leading up to the shoot to make sure it would be suitable as the weather in the UK in spring can be a bit temperamental.

I was really happy with the shots taken on the shoot, I really like the dramatic shadows cast by the trees over the drive and the front garden really add depth and drama to the photograph.


An AOP Accredited Architectural Photographer

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