Retail Photographer
Interior & Architectural Photography

Do you want to increase the footfall in your store? Engage and attract high quality consumers? Increase the your sales? People buy from people is an old mantra, its true people buy from who they trust. Building trust with your customers is the vital first step in any consumers journey, as once trust is established selling becomes easier and enjoyable for all parties. By using quality professional retail photography, you show exactly who you are and what you do. It really allows you to show the world that you are genuine, honest and essentially show online what your store looks like, making it instantly recognisable. • By using professional retail photography in your online and print PR as well as wider media spends allows you to engage with consumers online and in print, making them excited before arriving at your store and ultimately increase your stores footfall. • Post pandemic we now live in a blended multi-channel experience led retail industry, the in-person and digital experience needs to be seamless and accessible for all consumers, professional retail photography is integral part of creating this multi channel experience. • Social media, consumers expect to see quality imagery that shows you care about your brand and why it matters, professional retail photography can be the difference when it comes to making a positive perception of your brand or outlet in the eyes of the consumer. I understand the needs of the retail industry and limitations on time, as most photo shoots take place during trading hours, I work fast and adapt to the needs of the store and its staff avoiding any unnecessary disruption to the customers present or operations of the store. I know the lighting and atmosphere is designed purposefully, therefore I use the available ambient natural light, avoiding using flash wherever possible to not affect your finely tuned store atmosphere. After the shoot the images taken are professionally edited and retouched, this is the more time intensive side of the process where I remove customers that wandered into shot, any unwanted distractions, control reflections in windows, adjust the dynamic range, colours and brightness then fine tune the perspectives all in all giving it that finished high quality look. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch I'd be more than happy to talk through any questions you may have.