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Where I First Started Exploring The Idea of Space Within Photography

I started to explore the idea of space within my photography during my last year at university, in my final year when I had settled on the idea of photographing green spaces within the urban environment.

Football pitches in Marketon Park, Derby
Marketon Park, Derby

I attended the University of Derby, and due to location I mostly explored the parks of Derby, the photograph above of Marketon Park is probably one of the most important photographs I have ever taken, the reason for this is more about what it meant to me personally and how it put me on a path to explore the spaces we create. This photograph established, in my mind at least how important space is to the mind and soul of humanity, of course, nature is beautiful and there are many places of outstanding beauty that are regularly the subject of landscape photographers or artists, but here I saw nature sculptured and twisted for the use of man.

Early spring with thinly leaved trees partially obscuring a old brick built factory
Derwent & Darley Park, Derby

Daffodils in early spring on long grass with barren trees in distance and outline of a house
Derwent & Darley Park, Derby

What Happened After University

Although I started photographing spaces while I was at university, upon graduation it took a bit of a back seat to the need to make money, with my first few jobs being full-time studio positions.

However, in my spare time, I continued to photograph spaces within city environments with a particular place I have become keen on photographing is Hong Kong, at first this was more in a street photography style but as I try to visit the city yearly to see family it has given the opportunity to naturally progress into an exploration of the cities buildings and architecture.

Hong Kong taxi at red traffic light in busy Central district
Hong Kong - Central

A view of Hong Kong's Kowloon district from Central, shot in 2011 with the Central/Wan Chai bypass under construction
A View to Kowloon

A black and white photograph of the IFC Building Two (IFC2) in Hong Kong Circa 2019
Hong Kong IFC Building

What's Next

After the realisation I had during the COVID lockdown about what I wanted to do with my photography going forward, I took steps to shift my entire photography business away from still life photography and concentrate on architecture and interior photography, a genre I love and have a great passion for and has given me a new lease of life to explore spaces once again, I can't wait to get out there again (once safe to do so of course) and start photographing the wonderful world we build.