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UPDATE - COVID-19 Contingency Plan

I know we've all been living with COVID for a long time now, but I wanted to take the time to assure clients that I am continuing to follow Government guidance and will do my upmost to keep clients safe while I provide clients with architectural photography as we finally come out of lockdown.

Although there have been many changes over the last 18 months of COVID being a part of our lives, the pragmatic response from JMP has been consistent to follow the Government advice to wash hands, keep space and wear a mask.

Now the country is now exiting lockdown with the apparent intention of the Gov' to not be returning to any form of lockdown in the future and the increased number of personal and professional interactions, means it is vital to step up the personal actions I take and reinforce the measures I take to keep myself and others safe.

This is not a huge a change as the best policy is to maintain what I have already been doing, but as more interactions happen I will look to add a few more measures to ensure the safest possible working practice as we reopen. Therefore inline with Gov’ advice the actions I will take going forward are to

  1. Minimise physically interaction where possible and try to maintain 2 meters distance or 1 meter with mitigation measures

  2. Wash hands regularly and use of hand gel where washing facilities are not available

  3. Continue to wear a mask indoors when in close proximity to others

  4. Get first and second does of the vaccine ASAP

  5. Take LFT regularly to ensure I am not spreading the virus

  6. To self isolate for a minimum of 10 days as per Gov’ advice from test date or first symptom date. (whichever is the latter)

I hope this measures will not be required for much longer but would like to take the time to thank all my clients who have been so understanding over the past 18 months to help fight this virus.

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