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AOP Accredited Photographer

The Association of Photographers is a prestigious organisation that values and promotes the work of the working commercial photographer and only accepts those that meet their set criteria, being an accredited photographer means that I am producing commercial work to a professional standard that meets the expectations of commercial buyers and professional commissioners of photography and that I will abide by the AOP Members' Charter and the AOP Code of Practice.

The AOP helps photographers with business advice and support, setting industry standards, raising the attainment level and giving international exposure to photographers. Therefore since I graduated from university back in 2008 I have aspired to become a member of the AOP, at the time of graduation I did not have the relevant expertise or experience to apply so went about learning my craft and working towards bettering myself as a working commercial photographer, perhaps I could have joined a couple of years ago but it wasn't till I had settled on my photography niche of architectural photography that I felt truly ready.

Therefore, after almost 10 years working freelance it gives me immense pride that I can now call myself an AOP Accredited Photographer.

An AOP Accredited Architectural Photographer

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